FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a night box?

Yes, it is located at the front of the building and flush with the brick wall.  We only accept money orders and checks in the box.  Make sure to fill out the envelope with physical address and name on the account.

How can I set up a draft for my bill?

You will go to Pay Utility Bill Online, follow the instructions on how to register to get a login and password.  Once you have an account activated, you will be able to set up a draft with your debit or credit card.

We also have an in-house draft.   You will need to come in and fill out the draft form and bring a voided check.  The draft is taken out of your checking account around the 10th of each month. 

How do I pay for my utility bill (water, sewage & garbage)?

You can go online, set up online draft, call the 1-866-257-1233 for the automated phone payment or visit our location at 116 2nd Street for Lobby or Drive-Thru.

How do I read my bill?

View the Copy of Utility Bill for an example.

Color Code for link above:

  • Yellow: Current Bill
  • Hint: If you have a bill with two months, but you verified payment of previous balance; just pay the amount where it says current bill.  If it is after the 20th, add the 10% for the late charge to the current bill amount.  If it is on cut off day or after, add the late charge plus the $50.00 delinquent fee.


How do I report a leak in the road or past the meter?

Call customer service at 706-846-3141 and they will will write up a work order for the Public Works Department.  Depending on the Public Works itinerary for the day, it could be 2-10 business days before completed.

How do I start water, sewer and garbage services with the City of Manchester?

Fill out the application, click here Application for New Services and click here to customerservice [at] manchester-ga.gov (subject: New%20Services) (e-mail), fax or bring to City Hall.   Information that we need attached is either a lease agreement, closing paperwork or deed information including the physical address and your name on it.  We will also need a copy of your picture ID.  Everyone pays the service agreement fee and a deposit.  We have same day service, but need your information to us no later than 2:00-2:30 p.m. to provide ample time for processing and utility workers to complete this work order.  If it is after this, we assess the situation, but may not be able to accomplish the work order until the following business day.

What happens if I find a leak or I get a call about having a leak?

The most common leak is the commode.  If you put something dark in the back of the tank and it trickles down in the bowl by itself in about 30 min. or so then the insides of the commode need to be replaced.  When it is dry outside, check for puddles on the ground, check and listen to pipes under the house or in the dwelling like the kitchen to see if anything is dripping.  If you live with in the city limits and have our sewage, write up a paragraph about where the leak was, when it was fixed, any receipts or an invoice and bring that into City Hall.  We will give that to the city clerk and she will assess the paperwork for an eligible credit on your account.

When do I get my first bill?

It depends on when you start services and if we have already processed billing for the month.  Typically the last week of the month billing is finalized and mailed out.  We get the satellite reads around the 15th of the month.  You pay only for what you use.  Example: if you start services on the 10th of the month – your first bill’s usage will be from the 10th to the 15th and price will be pro-rated and not the full bill amount.

When do I get my trash cart?

We report to Am-Waste twice a week of new changes to accounts.  Typically it will be the following week when the changes will be made.  You would also report to us if your cart is missing and if you need to add another cart to your account.

When does the 10% late fee go on my account?

We add it the morning of the 21st.  If the due date, which is the 20th of the month, falls on the weekend you will get another business day to pay.  The late fee will be added the following business day.

When does the $50.00 reconnect fee go on my account?

All payments not paid before 4:00 p.m. the last Monday of the month are included on the cut off list, these accounts will be cut off the next day(Tuesday) and will automatically be assessed the reconnect fee.

When is cut off and cut off procedures?

Cut off is always the last Tuesday of the month. Be aware that each month may fall on a different date.  Any balance left in the account could cause the account to be subject to cut off.