Burn Permits

  1. If you are in the city limits, you Must call the Fire Dept. and obtain a burn permit. This is to be done each day you burn. We will obtain you name, address and phone number for our records. If you are outside the city limits, you must call the Georgia Forestry Commission at 1-877-652-2876.
  2. It must be out by dark. Recreational or fires for food consumption is allowed after dark.
  3. The fire can only be used to burn leaf and limb debris. You cannot burn household trash or lumber that has been processed through a sawmill (Construction debris).
  4. There must be an adult present the entire time while the fire is burning.
  5. It is recommended that the burning be done in a barrel or in an area surrounded by bricks or rocks.
  6. There must a water hose capable of extinguishing the fire present.
  7. The fire and/or smoke cannot interfere with traffic.
  8. The burn pile must be clear of any power line, or any other utility lines, as well as 50’ from any structure or property line.
  9. If the burn is conducted by a contractor, a site inspection must be completed by the Fire Chief and a fee of $25 must be paid to City Hall.